Spring Island Tabby Links Cottage

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From simple beginnings…KSS_6101living room from dining room



KSS_6111dining room and kitchen from stairs



KSS_6110dining room from living room



KSS_6093dining room kitchen from living room



Den fpDen fp detail



KSS_6118ext from south



KSS_6119exterior from SW 2


Ohoopee Match Club

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Clubhouse, 18th Fairway and Driving Range Site


A2 Low Fairway C sm

Clubhouse from 18th Fairway


A2 Green C sm

Clubhouse from 18th Green


A2 Tee Box B sm

Clubhouse from No. 1 Tee


A2 Putting C sm

Clubhouse from Putting Green


Bar B1 sm

19th Hole


A2 Porch B sm

19th Hole Porch


A2 Burrow Hall II sm

Clubhouse “Burrow” Corridor


A2 Burrow Room A2

Clubhouse “Burrow” Guestroom


Front Watercolor sm

8 Room Guest Lodge


Operations Bldg 1

Golf Operations Building


Operations Bldg 2

Golf Operations Building

Eagle Point

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These two cast-in-place walls are used for their beauty and strength.  One wall will have a cantilevered landing between stair runs while the other with have cantilevered beams that catch steel stringers at the top of the run.  They were formed with plywood so that it leaves a subtle imprint on the finished concrete.  That imprint or etching will be seen on the finished walls, both exterior and interior. 




Brays Island Guest House

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7th and C

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feb-framing-02from trees to boards to wall to a home
feb-framingthe bones of a lowcountry home:
block, dimensional lumber and steel.

Eagle Point

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 pool-01bench for the kids, deep end for the big kids

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Eagle Point

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