About – An Ethic

We consider the making of architecture to be a creative response to the land.  The land comes first, and when our work is done, one should be able to feel how the features of the site inspired the form of the buildings and gardens.

The structure itself we understand to be but a part of a larger identity.  Trees, dunes, marshes, the sea, breezes, smells, history, sky, the sun and the moon are all elements of the greater composition.  We recognize that a deceptive modesty of the buildings’ structure can often achieve a higher level of elegance in the way structure orchestrates the way man interacts with nature.

The success of a design can be judged by the extent to which the design reveals the sense of place, to which it articulates that connection between place and human identity.

Thomas and Denzinger is known for the creativity of its architecture, for the highly individualistic response of each of its selective projects to the specific site, and to the spiritual considerations, as well as to the physical needs, of its clients.