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‘The House That Gucci Built’   By Elisa Lipsky-Karasz from the Wall Street Journal

The DeSole Residence of Hilton Head Island was recently featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal Magazine on February 17, 2013.  Jim Thomas is quoted and the house discussed as their retreat.  This project was a turning point in the course of the firm as multiple offices collaborated on this unique design for Lowcountry architecture.  Thomas & Denzinger Architects’ take on Modern is known for a human scale and quality.  A definition that employs clean lines, avoids embellished detailing allowing stark material transitions which are the beauty of Modern with warm woods, inviting naturally lit spaces, and a clear  response to the existing ecology.  The result is a place in which living is enhanced by design – that of the structure and the art within, and that of the surrounding natural environment.

There are other photos by Bill Struhs on our website under Residential as DeSole Residence.


Pine Hill Business Campus Windmill Pavilion

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Recently our photographer Bill Struhs engaged the Pavilion as a piece of functional art and produced some revealing photographs.  The pavilion can not only host an event during inclement weather, under the large overhangs, it can power itself too.  Blended between the turbine and the solar panels, the faceted walls and roof planes offer protection from the elements while maintaining a connection to the ecology that the Lowcountry is famous for.  Most of the images thus far are of the Pavilion in the landscape as it becomes the icon for the business campus.  Some of the new pictures take you inside to see it as a framing device to view the pond, fields and forest.

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Kiawah Residence

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DSCN2056 - looking up

Kiawah Island Residence – Construction

The Kiawah Island Residence continues construction and is beginning to feel comfortable in its own skin.  The pre-stained shiplap siding offers a regulating horizontal datum as various volumes of the house protrude from the landscape and into the live oak canopy above.  These forms are accented by the vertical lattice, giving a curtain like reveal to interior and exterior views.  Inside the home, wood studs are accompanied by the stair frame and both are ready for finishes.

Special for this update are some then and now photos of the construction site.

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