Drayton Hall Schematic Design Presentation

June 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

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The Drayton Hall schematic design has been guided by the Ethic for the project set forth before Thomas & Denzinger was awarded the project.  These principles of Preservation, Conservation, Sustainability, Humility, Simplicity, Belonging, Authenticity, Inclusiveness, and Discipline create a framework to allow for a design which respects the rich history of the Gentleman’s Plantation.   The design of the new modern facilities is set in the woods on the existing parking area and makes efforts to become a garden or wooden structure.  The plan is a digital clock style ‘2’ which creates internal courtyards for an outdoor exhibit garden and a reception area off the outdoor pavilion.  The plan is oriented to the house as a collecting device for the history and knowledge that the house emits through research of it.  There are outbuildings clad in brick to reinforce the garden structure references, the building is envisioned in a wide plank shiplap with a dark Charleston green paint, and a green roof so there is no glare when looking form the mansion toward the center.  The center will allow for continued research on the history of the house, a more in-depth visitor understanding of its significance, and a space to reflect on preservation as a concept to understanding the human condition.


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